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Holmes/Watson '09

a Sherlock Holmes slash community

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a Holmes/Watson slash community for the 2009 film

welcome to holmeswatson09, a slash-oriented community dedicated to Guy Ritchie's 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie.


• stay on topic. this is a community for creative works and discussions about Holmes/Watson in Guy Ritchie's movies only.
no fic searches, asking for recommendations, other Holmes versions. See link list for dedicated communities.
• other pairings are allowed as long as Holmes/Watson is the main focus.
• all spoilers for the sequel must be behind a lj-cut and have a clear warning.
• use lj-cuts when posting long fics or big images. how to lj-cut.
• tag your posts. our tag system explained.
Tags beginning with '!' are for modly use only. In detail, '!introduce yourself' is only for the main introduction post.

You don't need to use individual character: holmes and character: watson tags when the boys are already listed as a pairing. The character tags are for when they appear on their own.

• do not make introduction posts. introduce yourself here.
• give credit when posting art/fics/vids that were not made by you.

holmes_finders for fic searches and recommendations.
holmes_rpf for real person slash and everything regarding the actors
cox_and_co for canon Holmes, granada Holmes, russian Holmes and all other Holmeses.
sherlockbbc for bbc Holmes.
holmesian_news for keeping track of everything posted each day.
sherlock_fr for your French-language Holmes needs.

active mods: booshbesotted, lavvyan
shadow mods: lagolindari, roseganymede

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